Pre-work Birding – Dickcissels in A’burg!

Last night I received an Ebird Essex County needs alert for a Dickcissel.  My interest was tweaked and I thought about possibly doing some pre-work birding in the morning.  Paul P reported seeing 4 singing males in an Essex County field known to support grassland breeding birds such as Meadowlark, Bobolink, etc.  I have heard good things about this field on the 4th Concession but never had the chance to check it out.  The sun was shining this morning and I was up early so I headed out.

The field is currently being cut but a lot of the tall grasses/crops remained this morning so it was still prime habitat.  As I pulled up, I heard the unmistakable song of the Bobolink, many Savannah Sparrows and what I thought could have been one of the Dickcissels.  I couldn’t pick it out again so I wasn’t about to count it.  I thought I may have imagined it.  After walking up and down the road, I finally heard one call from way back in the field.  I was hoping for a visual or maybe even some pictures just because it’s not a bird I see all that often.  Sure, you can make the drive out to Hwy 3 and Camper’s Cove Rd and pretty much be guaranteed to see one, but it’s not Essex County!  Yes I am a lister.

I did however luck out as I turned the car around to head home.  A singing male perched up high in a tree close to the road.  It was a little back lit so it wasn’t perfect for photography but that’s ok.  I watched him sing away for a while.  It was nice to be out, but reality quickly set in… time to get home and go to work.


For details on how to get to this field, check out my post on

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