Labour Day Lifer!

I spent Labour Day morning at Point Pelee.  I was up an out of the house by 6:15am with plans to be one of the first to the tip.  Not sure why but I was just trying to motivate myself to get out of bed.  I parked at the Visitor Centre and walked down.  I thought about bringing my bike but just decided to enjoy the walk instead.  It was a very warm and sticky morning and the woods seemed awful quiet other than a few little chips and the occasional Eastern Wood-pewee calling.

As I made it to the tip, another birder, who had passed me on a bike, was already set up and scanning the Gulls.  He mentioned that I hadn’t missed anything exciting.  There wasn’t a lot of birds moving around yet.  The occasional Swallow flew over head and a few gulls were passing by but not the great movements I was hoping for on a Southwest wind.  But that would soon change.

Gulls at the Tip. What’s up with that GBBG in the middle – molting?

Blake Mann showed up just after 8am.  By now, things were starting to move around out over the lake.  Within 10 minutes of his arrival, Blake yells out “Sabine’s Gull!”  He quickly got me on the bird – a lifer- thanks again Blake!  We also got the other birder, who was just packing up, on the gull.  I watched it dip and fly fast past the tip from west to east.  I was too busy watching the gull to get a great photo but I did get an identifiable record shot.  Blake got a much nicer shot.

Sabine’s Gull – Lifer #382

After watching the lake for a few more hours, more birders showed up, including Alan Wormington, who mentioned that he had spotted a Parasitic Jaeger earlier in the morning from a beach further north in the park.  I decided I would stay a little longer and keep scanning the lake.  We didn’t come across anything new so I decided to go for a little walk up to Sparrow Field to see what was around.

Five-lined Skink

In Sparrow Field, a large group of Warblers were flitting around at the northwest corner of the trail just before it meets Post Woods.  The trail is really overgrown in this area!  I watched for awhile and ended up with about 10 species before I decided to keep moving and check on the beach.  On the way over to the beach, I spotted a Black-billed Cuckoo about a foot off the path, low in the scrub.  I slowly walked up to get a better angle and a picture.  I couldn’t get all of the branches out of the way but I was happy with the pic I got below.

Black-billed Cuckoo destroying a Cicada

After the Cuckcoo photoshoot and an uneventful check of the beach, I decided to head home and see what Sarah and Emily were up to.  Another fabulous day in the park.



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