A Quick Dash for the Trumpeters

I got word of some Trumpeter Swans being seen at Lakeview Marina just before lunch today (thanks Tom!)  The sun was shinning brightly so I decided to take my lunch break on the road.   I grabbed my camera, car keys and my sandwich and dashed off to the marina.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I could see a group of Mute Swans in close to the docks and then the three Trumpeters just jumped right out.  It’s not a species we get a lot of in this area so to see 3 together up close was a nice little treat.  I fired off as many shots as I could before my time was up – Had to get back to work.  Unfortunately they had their backs to me most of the time!

It was really nice to get out there to enjoy a few minutes of the sun, especially after feeling under the weather for over a week now!

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