What did you Say’S PHOEBE!?

On Thursday, a Say’s Phoebe, a rare western vagrant, was reported in Chatham-Kent County near Blenheim.  I didn’t think too much of it at the time because I knew I wouldn’t be able to go for a look until late in the evening.  I thought my chances of actually seeing it were slim to none.  I was wrong.

After work, I quickly fed Emily, Sarah (and the cat) and was on my way.  Of course I forgot my camera but had binoculars and a scope so I didn’t turn around.  Jeremy Hatt let me know that the bird was still being seen but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  This wouldn’t be a life bird because I saw one on a work trip to California but would definitely be a new Canada/Ontario bird for me.

After about and hour and fifteen minute drive I pulled up to the stakeout and Rick got me right on the bird.  Fantastic looks.  Now it just needs to make it’s way down to Essex County, or better yet, Pelee!

A slo-mo takeoff.  Watch full screen for the full effect.  I guess I can add it to my “poop” list now too…

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