Ice, Ice and a Baby

This past week has been amazing. We welcomed a new addition to our family – Alyssa Frances Renaud.  Everyone is doing great. Emily is a fantastic big sister.

Things went so well this week that the ladies in the house (I’m a bit outnumbered – Even our cat is female) decided to have a girls day on Saturday so I headed out to Point Pelee for a little walk.  I hadn’t been out to the park for a few weeks so I was looking forward to getting down to the tip to see what was left to it after all of the driving winds and no ice cover on the lake to protect it.

Along the east side, large ‘hills’ of ice were piled up along the shore as far as the eye could see but the lake itself was wide open except for a little slush.  A small ice island has built up at the far extremes of where the tip would be.  There were a decent number of gulls around but it was so bright that I couldn’t pick out anything other than the expected gulls (Ring-billed, Herring, Great Black-backed).  There were hardly any ducks and nothing was flying by so I didn’t stay long.  As I was walking back north, a large all-white gull lazily floated by me from the north – Glaucous Gull.  I was really hoping for something else like a Thayer’s or Kumlein’s but no luck.  A little later in the day, Donny Moore photographed a 2nd year Thayer’s up at Sanctuary Beach.  I knew I should have checked further north in the park!  Hindsight I guess.

I walked Shuster Trail and spotted a few Robins and nothing else so I decided to head out of the park and check the Onion Fields.  The fields were pretty quiet too.  I did pick up a year bird though as I was driving past Hillman Marsh.  Four Sandhill Cranes flew overhead and landed in the field to the west of the shorebird cell.

It was pretty quiet bird-wise but still a nice day to be out.  I headed for home to check on my girls.

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  1. Kory – Congrats on the new addition to your family! I think they are building a new playground at Pelee … Perfect timing! It will be nice to see you guys at PPNP in the Spring. Good birding & Parenting! -DM

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