As the Fish Crow Flies

Kory:  Are you a Fish Crow?

Crow: Uh-uh

Kory: Liar!

Sorry.  I couldn’t resist the bad birder joke there.  This morning, a group of us we lucky enough to see a Fish Crow at the tip of Point Pelee. Fish Crows are more typically found along the Gulf states and up the eastern US. This is likely the same bird that has been seen off and on over the last few days in the park.  It looks very similar to the American Crow that we get in the area but as soon as you hear it call (to me it sounds like uh-uh), which it did several times, you know you’re looking at something different.  The bird was very obliging for many of the birders arriving throughout the morning as well as some visitors just interested in what we were looking at.  This Fish Crow was a new Ontario bird for a few folks.  This was only my second Pelee Fish Crow.

It was nice to see an actual tip this morning.  The sand spit has been almost non-existent this year so it was a welcomed surprise.  It was covered in Gulls too – Something that hasn’t happened in a while.  A Lesser Black-backed Gull was picked out among the more expected Herring, Ring-billed, Bonaparte’s, and Great Black-backed Gulls.  A few warblers were kicking around the tip as well but were mostly staying out of sight due to the large number of Raptors overhead looking for an easy meal.

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