Looking Back at Temagami & Forward to New Adventures

The other day I was chatting with Marianne about some past canoe trips Sarah and I had been on in the Temagami area.  I just now realized it has been about 10 years since we have been on a trip up there!  If you’ve never been to Temagami, I’d highly recommend it!

Anvil Lake, Ontario

I know for a fact that we will be going back. How do I know? Well there are a few Provincial Parks in the area, and if you haven’t heard, we’ve decided to take on a challenge as a family – to camp in as many Ontario Provincial Parks as possible together (hopefully all).  If you’re interested in following along, check out www.campingacrossontario.com. It’s a new blog we’ve set up for this adventure.  We’re pretty excited about this. We hope to continue to instil our love of nature and adventure in our kids and we thought this challenge was a perfect way to do this.

Getting back to Temagami… The two trips we did were long before I had a blog so no post to refer back to. I did however make a couple video slideshows, but they’re pretty lengthy. Maybe someday I will go back and do a full post on these trips from some old journals.  But in the meantime if you’ve got some time to kill and you’re interested in the videos, here they are…

Diamond, Wakimika & Obabika Lake Loop – July 1 – 8, 2006.  I recommend turning down the volume because the song gets pretty repetitive … what was I thinking back then?

Maple Mountain Trip – Mowat Landing to Anvil Lake and Return – July 14 – 18, 2007 – This was long before I was a birder but I did successfully ID a Spruce Grouse on this trip so I’ve retroactively counted it :).

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